An accommodation on the farm-house in a region of the battle of Kolín

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This project was co financed  by the European Union, The European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee fund (EAGGF)

Středočeský kraj

Promoting the guesthouse on Zapletal’s family farm-house it was carried by a financial support of the Central Bohemia Region

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Where to find us…

This guesthouse was created by rebuilding some dead spaces of Zapletal´s family farmhouse, a peasant family. According to old records our ancestors started farming here 250 years ago. The guesthouse is situated in a village called Nová Ves I, 7kilometres from the centre of Kolín. It is a quiet place of the Central Bohemia Region.

Nová Ves I is located in the beautiful part of Labe river. Both banks of the straightened riverbed are remains of the original wolds of the Labe river permeated by riparian forest and former sections of meandering riverbed with rich flora and fauna. This scenery still offers a number of possibilities for a recreation.

The Chronicle by Tadeáš Hájek of Libočany tells about a Serčov settlement that used to be located near the current village of Nová Ves I at the embankment of Labe river. The settlers abandoned the place because of frequent flooding and established a new inhabitation at the bottom of a nearby hill which was given a name Nová Ves. The oldest record about Nová Ves is from the year 1290 when Hynek of Dubá sold Nová Ves together with other villages to the Cistercian monastery in Sedlec at Kutná Hora. Other documents mention the vicarage, for the first time in 1352. The parish Church of St. Wenceslas, originally surrounded by a cemetery, is located in the middle of the village square. The square- shaped presbytery with a cross vault is a remaining part of the original church composition from 12th century. In a year 1437 Nová Ves becomes a part of the Kolín domain as a gratuity from Emperor Zikmund to Bedřich of Strážnice. Nová Ves is among the villages directly included in the memorable day of the Battle of Kolín, 18 June 1757. On that day, the Prussian king Friedrich II (Bedřich in Czech) was standing and commanding the battle from the top of the nearby hill. The hill was named after him as Bedřichov. In the memory of the victorious army of Maria Theresia, the late Emperial style pyramid built by V.Veithc around 1840 dominates the Bedřichov Hill. In 1774 a parish school was established in the village. The school had two classes in 1873 but the school building was built in 1888.

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 The monument commemorating the battle near Kolín

The monument commemorating
the battle near Kolín


The common room of the guesthouse

The common room of the guesthouse

Our offer...

We can offer the whole year accommodation in rooms with 4 beds and TV and a private bathroom (with toilet and shower). Downstairs there is a big common room with a kitchen and a bar and a separate TV for sharing. There is a fireplace and a three piece suite.
Our guest house is aimed at agro tourism and bicycling.
Smoking is forbidden in the guest house.



This flatland is predetermined to bicycling and there are a lot of natural and historical tourist attractions in the vicinity of Nová Ves I.

Apart from this accommodation you can use free wifi internet and you can borrow a bicycle. There are a lot of bicycles ready for you - even different kinds of bicycles for children.

Borrowings of bicycles is at our guests

Borrowings of bicycles is at our guests
command borrowings of bicycles

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Send an e-mail for more information

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